"I always choose as my number one choice of image sharing. They make it so simple to upload and backup all your photos."
Sarah cheung
Graphic Designer

Upload. Share & Store Images provides you with a fast and simple way to upload and share your files. It's literally one click and your image is uploaded to our dedicated servers. All our services are completely free with no premium plans.

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Temporary Disposable Mail

By using you can be sure all your spam from your mailbox will be seized. MailSeize is also good for registering to websites which force newsletters on you. Best of all. It's FREE!


Expand Your URL using LinkReveal URL Expander!

This is a pretty old tool and one of our oldest websites. These still come in useful tho. Not to mention the massive popularity of URL Shorteners. reveals the true destination of that shortened URL and determines if it's safe for you to continue.


Upload & Share Files is definitely our most successful website by far. We currently have over 10,000+ file downloads on record and over 500+ registered members. This is all down to our fast servers with incredible speeds + huge storage capabilities.